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Some people are concerned about the RFID Chip and the ability to hack or transmit the info to unaurhorized people. If this is a concern, then make sure to keep all the RFID cards in a secure envelope that blocks the signal.



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Enhance Driver License Information EDL

Enhanced Drivers Licenses or EDL

Many states offer a Real ID act compliant Enhanced drivers licenses or EDL. This means a small RFID chip is in the Card (EPC Gen2 chips). The card contains a unique number and barcode that link to a central file or database containing your info. Your info is not stored in the chip.

On the Northern Border you have Washington, Michigan, New York, Vermont, In Canada, Ontatrio, and British Columbia.

Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, and Maine, are still working out the details.

Southern Border states will be offering EDL as well like Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico

State-issued enhanced drivers licenses (EDLs) provide proof of identity and U.S. citizenship, are issued in a secure process. They provide travelers with a low-cost, convenient alternative for entering the United States from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean through a land or sea port of entry, in addition to serving as a permit to drive.

Enhanced drivers licenses make it easier for U.S. citizens that travel to Canada and Mexico and will save you time at the Customs Booth upon your return to the United States.

Four Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec) are issuing EDLs to Canadian citizens. Canadian citizens can present an EDL when entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean through a land or sea port of entry.

How it works: a vicinity Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that will signal a secure system to pull up your biographic and biometric data for the CBP officer as you approach the border inspection booth, and a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) or barcode that the CBP officer can read electronically if RFID isn't available.

No personally identifiable information is stored on the card's RFID chip or can be transmitted electronically by the card.

The card uses a unique identification number that links to information contained in a secure database.

This number does not contain any personally identifiable information.

When you get an enhanced drivers license, you will also receive information on how to use, carry and protect your license, and a shielded sleeve that prevents anyone from reading your license.

Washington, Michigan, New York, and Vermont are issuing these enhanced drivers licenses now with more states to follow.

The DMV sites of these states show the requriement for prooving your Name, Date or Birth U.S. Citizenship and proof of State Residence. But the instructions can be clear as mud as they are written in typical bureaucratic style.

The Driving Rules Network has simplified the insturctions for presenting the documents required to prove these 4 indices, to help you aviod a wasted trip to the DMV because you did not have the proper documentation.

Bottom Line: You must be able to prove your Name and have a Valid Social Security Number. You must be albe to prove you Date of Birth (DOB) your U.S. Citizenship and your residency of the state issuing the EDL.

Usually this means a Social Security Card, a State Drivers License, Passport or Birth Certificate a Pay Stub that has your address and SSN.

There are circimstances in which other documents will apply if you do not have one or more of the aforementioned items.

Here are the lists of acceptable documents for proving your



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Here are the lists of acceptable documents needed for the EDL






Updated 09.08.10