Suspension Systems Defects.

The suspension system holds up the vehicle and its load. Broken suspension parts can be extremely dangerous.

You should check for

• Spring hangers (Figure 2-2) that allow movement of axle from proper position

• Cracked or broken spring hangers.

• Missing or broken leaves in any leaf spring. If one fourth or more are missing it will put the vehicle “out of service” but any defect could be dangerous (Figure 2-3).

• Broken leaves in a multi-leaf spring or leaves that have shifted so they might hit a tire or other part.

• Leaking shock absorbers (Figure 2-4).

• Deflated or leaking air bags, other components not rubbing or touching the bags (Figure 2-4).

• Torque rod or arm, U-bolts, spring hangers or other axle positioning parts that are cracked, damaged, or missing (Figures 2-2, 2-4).

• Air suspension systems that are damaged and/or leaking.

• Any loose, cracked, broken or missing frame members.

Figure 2-3 Safety Defect: Broken Leaf in Leaf Spring