The Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Study Guide


Special Situations.

Special situations require more than regular mirror checks.

These are lane changes, turns, merges, and tight maneuvers.

Lane changes.

You need to check your mirror to make sure no one is alongside you or about to pass you.

Check your mirrors:

Before you change lanes to make sure there is enough room.

After you have signaled, to check that no one has moved out of your blind spot.

Right after you start the lane change to double-check that your path is clear.

After you complete the lane change.


In turns, check your mirrors to make sure the rear of your vehicle will not hit anything.


When merging, use your mirrors to make sure the gap in traffic is large enough for you to enter safely.

Tight maneuvers.

Any time you are driving in close quarters check your mirrors often. Make sure you have enough clearance.



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