When Vehicle is Disabled or Parked at the Side of the Road.

When you pull off the road and stop, be sure to turn on the 4-way emergency flashers. This is important at night. Don’t trust the taillights to give warning. Drivers have crashed into the rear of a parked vehicle because they thought it was moving normally.

If you must stop on a road or the shoulder of a road, you should put out your reflective triangles within ten minutes. Place your warningdevices at the following locations:

• On the traffic side of the vehicle, within ten feet of the front or rear corners — to mark the location of the vehicle.

• 100 feet behind and ahead of the vehicle, on the shoulder or in the lane you are stopped in.

• Back beyond any hill, curve, or other obstruction that prevents other drivers from seeing the vehicle within 500 feet.

• If you must stop on or by a one-way or divided highway, place warning devices 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet toward the approaching traffic.

When putting out the triangles hold them between yourself and the oncoming traffic for your own safety. (So other drivers can see you.)