Written Drivning Test Study Methods

How to use the Study by Question Method

  1. Read the Question Carefully
  2. Click on the letter of your choice, to determine the correct answer.
  3. If you are not sure, click the "Show me" to see the reference material.

This link will direct you to the referece material base.

When you are ready for the next question click on

Are you ready?

  • This first question is asking for the "Color and Shape" of a type of sign.
  • Select the Letter for the answer.
  • If you are not sure click the show me button and the info page will appear in a new tab or window.
Remember, read the question carefully.

Q&A Study Method

1. What color and shape is a Regulation Sign?

A.) Yellow and diamond shaped with black lettering or symbols. 
B.) White rectangles with black lettering or symbols. 

C.) Red and white with red letters. 

D.) Blue with white symbols. 

E.) A and B 

F.) All of the above.





These questions are the most commonly asked question on Learners Permit Tests.

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