Step 1

Don't forget the Interstate.

The hardest part is learning the proper way enter and exit. Learn to keep the proper distance and use of signals when changing lanes etc. Don't use quick steering actions. Remember you are travelling at high speed now. If you jerk the wheel you could go into a spin. Steering at high speed should be slow and smooth.

Parents, always have your teen explain what they see ahead, from the horizon to the front of the car.

Example: There are pedestrians on the right, stopped traffic two blocks up, the light one block ahead is red, there is a car approaching, the car in front of me just turned on its right turn signal etc.

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Watch the hands and feet. Correct bad habits immediately. ONE foot and both hands. Don't use the left foot for braking.

Make sure your parent has their seat belt fastened.

When turning always look left then right then left again





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