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 Steps to Teaching your Teen for the Drivers License
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This is something that Parents and Teens should do together.

Click on the numbers and follow the steps.

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You can click on the safety tips for more information.

Know your Traffic Controls Know Your Road Signs Know Your Road Signs Learn about traffic signs. Know your Lane Markings Ask your parents for the keys so you can go to the Mall. Find an empty parking lot and drive the car around.  Get the feel of the car in turning, starting and stopping. Motorcycle Rules What it takes to buy a car. Check with your Insurance Agent After you have about twenty hours of practice under your belt, take the Road Test Practice Parking in an empty parking lot. Your street is a good place to practice Three Point Turns. Turn into and from Control Lanes Practice exiting a highway. Yew now it's time to learn how to drive on a n Interstate Highway. Practice turning in traffic and driving on streets with parked cars Find a road with traffic, and Stop Lights. Sign up for Drivers Ed Take the Written Test. (Click here for practice) Study the Manual along wth this site. Pick up a copy of the DMV Manual