Commercial Drivers must know the Maximum Length

  • A single motor vehicle, except certain municipal transport buses, is 40
  • School buses and auto stages is 46 feet and includes front and rear bumpers.
  • A single vehicle or trailer in a combination, with or without load, is
    53 feet.
  • Double trailer combinations can’t exceed a total of
    61 feet
    for the combined length of the trailers.
  • Truck and trailer combinations or log truck and stinger-steered pole
    trailers can’t exceed an overall length, with or without load,
    of 75 feet.

The above limitations do not apply to vehicles transporting poles, pipes,
machinery, or other objects of a structural nature that can’t be
dismembered and are operated by a public utility when required for
emergency repair of public services facilities or properties.

Loads may not extend to more than 15 feet behind the center of the last axle
or more than three feet beyond the front bumper.

Any loads extending beyond the sides or more than four feet beyond the rear
of the vehicle must have the extremities of the load marked with
either 12-inch red flags or red lights.

If visibility is poor, red lamps and reflectors are required.

When hauling objects such as poles or logs you must place a red light at the
most extended point of the load. This light must be a combination
light visible from both the back and sides.

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