Special Permits for Commercial Drivers

The Department of Transportation may approve and issue permits to allow over sized and overweight vehicles (other than school buses) to operate on state highways.

Contact the appropriate county/city official for oversize and overweight permits on county roads or city streets.  To obtain a special permit you will be required to show the following: the only practical means of transporting certain cargo is by motor vehicle; the vehicle and load are properly licensed; and the load cannot reasonably be dismantled or disassembled.

Before issuing a permit, the application will be reviewed to determine any possible disruption of traffic flow, impact on public safety, and the possibility of damage to the highway system. If the application is approved, you will pay a fee based on the length of the permit period and (for overweight vehicles) the amount of weight exceeding the legal maximum.

For information on special permits, you may request the publication, “Overweight/Oversize Vehicle Permits” from any State Department of Transportation Office.

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