How to Apply for a Medical Waiver

How to Apply for a Medical Waiver

A letter of application for a waiver submitted jointly by the person seeking a waiver of the physical disqualification (driver applicant) and by the motor carrier that will be employing the driver applicant.

If the driver is self-employed or currently unemployed, a letter from the motor carrier will be unnecessary.

The letter must contain:

  1. – name and address of the motor carrier (employer)
  2. – name, license number and resident address of the driver
  3. – description of the driver applicant’s impairment for which the waiver is being requested
  4. • A copy of the current physical examination
  5. • A medical evaluation summary completed by a board qualified or board certified physician or orthopedic surgeon.

The medical evaluation summary shall include:

  1. – a statement by the physician on how and why the impairment interferes with the ability of the driver to perform normal tasks associated with operating a commercial motor vehicle, and
  2. – an assessment and medical opinion of whether the condition will likely remain medically stable for at least two years.

Requests for intrastate medical waivers are processed promptly and mailed to the driver.

After receipt of the medical waiver, application can be made for a CDL license.

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